Welcome to Shared Services for Finance and Accounting Summit 2016

Strategies to Effectively Develop, Implement and Analyse a Cost-Effective and Productive Finance Shared Services Model

SSON is pleased to announce the launch of our Shared Services for Finance & Accounting Summit - aimed specifically for those who are working in, or are currently building, finance and accounting shared services organisations (FSSOs).

With all shared services programs, reducing costs and increasing productivity is of course top of mind. However, doing so is not a simple task, especially in the F&A space considering the sensitive nature of the financial transactions being processed. How an FSSO’s program is launched, established, managed, and developed for future growth directly impacts an organization’s financial integrity and health.

With that in mind, SSON’s Shared Services for Finance & Accounting Summit has been designed to address the challenges and provide solutions within this industry, through thought provoking discussions on “how to do more with less”, so as to enable an organisation to drive more value and process improvement into their FSSO.

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Specifically, the event will focus on:


Business model innovation – what mix of shared services, outsourcing, onshore and offshore provides the best balance of cost and value


Talent Management – Attracting individuals with the necessary skills for business partnering, and developing a career path that provides a talent pipeline for the rest of the business


Predicative Analytics – Creating a single source of truth from organizational data, and extracting meaningful insights that help drive strategic decision making


Process Optimisation – Using a combination of automation, business improvement and customer centric design to reduce waste and increase efficiency

Also, new for this year, the Shared Services for Finance and Accounting 2016 will be co-located with the Finance Transformation 2016 summit, reflecting the need for front-office and back-office transformation.

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